YaaoTM medical healthy oxygen concentrator adopts molecular sieve beds with pressure swing adsorption (PSA) technology. Atmospheric air is entrained by the concentrator , filtered and raised pressure by a compressor.The compressed air is then introduced into one of the canisters containing zeolite granules where nitrogen is selectively absorbed leaving the residual oxygen available for patient use. After about 20 seconds the supply of compressed air is automatically diverted to the second canister where the process is repeated enabling the output of oxygen continues uninterrupted. While the pressure in the second canister is raised the pressure in the first canister is reduced to zero. This allows nitrogen to be released from the zeolite and returned into the atmosphere. The zeolite is then regenerated and ready for the next cycle. By alternating the pressure in the two canisters so that first one and then the other, a constant supply of oxygen is produced while the zeolite is continually being regenerated. Individual units have an output of up to five litres per minute with an oxygen concentration of up to 90%.

Schematic Diagram

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