Yaao oxygen concentrators adopt the compressor out of oil, which ensures the oxygen more health, high purity, no peculiar smell, no chemic element or any pungent element has been applied widely in hospitals, health centers, medical stations, beauty parlors and suits all kinds of family nursing and health care.
Warning: Follow information is only for reference, if you want to use it for treatments please follow the doctor’s advice
Application Scope of Yaao Oxygen concentratoer
For Adjuvant Treatment
Diseases of respiratory system
Chronic emphraxis pulmonary disease; Chronic bronchitis ;Bronchial asthma;Emphysema;Pneumoconiosis;Pneumosilicosis;Silicate pneumosilicosis;Anthracosis;Metallic pneumosilicosis;Pulmonary heart disease etc.
Altitude disease
Altitude pulmonary heart disease;Altitude cerebral edema;Chronic altitude stress;High altitude heart disease etc.
Cerebrovascular Diseases
Coronary heart disease;Hypertension ; Heart failure; Rheumatic heart disease;Cerebral hemorrhage;Cerebral ischemia;Angiosclerosis
senile diseases etc.
For Health Care
Yaao oxygen concentrator is a good assistant for gravida, brainworker, examinee, insomnia and addictive smokers and drinkers. It can also used for hairdressing method, which could be used in daily skin nursing or do aerobics in gymnasium.
Ozone Generator Accessory
Yaao oxygen concentrator could provide high purity oxygen (=90%) at scene. Accordingly, the outlet ozone concentration is double of that product from atmosphere source while the power cost will reduces to 1/2.
Other use
Yaao oxygen concentrator is used widely in the mineral water, drinking water fields which could be drunk directly; the foodstuff industry; drug industry; sewage dispose fields etc
Application Scope of Ozone Generator

Application Scope


Drinking Water

Tap water, bottler/barrel pure water,mineral drinking water,housetop water quality treatment

Medicine-making, medical treatment,foodstuff

Non- bacteria laboratory,packing material,working cloth,vessel£ğraw material (flesh, fruit and vegetable) fresh keeping; sterilization of semi-product and finished product

Restaurant, hotel,mess hall

Kill remaining pesticide in vegetable,fresh keeping and antisepsis,in particularly for the unprocessed vegetable,Fresh keeping and antisepsis for fish and flesh, destroy antigen of hepatitis surface and others viruses; Cookers sterilization; Chairs, desks of the public business hall sterilization and environment sterilization;

Hotel & Hostel

Sterilization for the public business place and bedding;

Amusement Hall

Air purification, environment sterilization, water quality treatment of natatorium

Hairdressing & body mechanics

oxygen breathing hairdressing,skin sterilization, cleanness and women daily cleaning

Medical treatment

Air purification,clothes sterilization,environment sterilization,daily cleaning handing, surrounding deodorization sterilization, vessel sterilization, bacteria killing and waster water treatment in hospital

Chemical industries

Treatment for waste water and exhaust gas.

Aquatic product & poultry

Virus killing & sterilization, supply enough oxygen for water; Virus killing ,  deodorization and sterilization for poultry house; Increase living rate and output greatly, reduce diseases enormously, boost grown and removal effluvium

Polluted water treatment

Purify polluted water in metropolis

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