Accurate air separating system method:
Adopting the pressure adsorption system can make efficient compensation to the change of the oxygen quantity caused by voltage change and the parts worn out, so it can assure flowrate and purity. This is impossible by common time absorption system.

Credible electric control system:
(1)The adjustment of the switching point on circuit board that exploited and developed independently adopt figure circuit, thereby exact and credible.
(2)The pressure sensor made by Motorola Company used in pressure
collecting, cooperating with the analyse and deal with of the circuit, which make the adapter acting exactly, thereby realize best air separating process.
(3)Adapt the air valve which have independent technic property right(our patent,no.ZL99255412.8).It acts quick and exact, and air flow is good and can keep long time.

Particular separation parts assemble technics:
The adsorption tank made by our company particular canned techinics has high efficiency, it has good coherence, good quality, thereby can assure the oxygen flowrate and purity of the machine.

Ideal machine design:
This appearance of machine is made of thick engineering plastic. It is firm and durable; it also has good shock absorption and noise reduction. The roll bearing fan doesn’t need any lubricant and the machine has long life and low noise and low power consumption. The main parts are all produces by the supplier who have ISO9000:2000 or CE certification, thereby can assure the whole machine quality.

The compressor that matching with the system:
Considering the fact that the flowrate of the compressor will decrease with the increase of the working time and the worn out of the machine, at the same time, to avoid the sources waste caused by using the compressor of heavy flowrate, we choosing the compressor that matching with the system not only assure the oxygen outlet and purity, but also avoid power waste.

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